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 Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kelrin

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Kelris Posted - 10/06/2006 : 08:58:06

Hello folks, I play a lvl 60 druid and your guild came highly recommended to me from Slythar, whom I am well acqainted with in RL and we have had many a good times playing SWG and WoW together.

My MMORPG experience is somewhat limited as I have played EQ for about 2 minutes total and didnt really get into it. SWG is what really hooked me, but WoW so far has made that pale in comparison.

I have mostly played solo in both SWG and WoW, but I find myself always in pickup groups and helping other people out. I am finding that more and more I am enjoying the social aspect of the game(s). This is what has led me to seek a guild finally. I think you would find me a steadfast, reliable player that would have no problems problems fitting in. I am more than willing to take game time to talk socially or help a new player around. I am currently playing a lvl 60 h00m Priest, a lvl 60 NE Hunter and a lvl 60 NE Druid. Hope to hear from you, thanks for your time.
50   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Kelris Posted - 01/29/2016 : 16:07:50
freakin righteous! i dont even have to bump this myself anymore!
Shu Posted - 12/15/2015 : 15:47:36
Bump again
Ease Posted - 12/14/2015 : 14:30:12
Oh my. :)
Aiden Posted - 12/09/2015 : 20:42:52
Bump for old times sake :)
shetl Posted - 10/05/2008 : 05:13:46
He must be starving for attention :)
Glynia Posted - 10/04/2008 : 19:04:03
hey I give him's been over a year!
yan Posted - 10/03/2008 : 14:32:31
geez kel.
Qatrina Posted - 10/03/2008 : 13:39:00
I can't believe he is still bumping this. He didn't bump his long one because it is not longer on the intro forums but on the farm forums. LOL
Amy Posted - 10/03/2008 : 08:01:29

no worries, I will just demote all his characters now ....
shetl Posted - 10/03/2008 : 05:52:43
First,not a very good intro,it's kind of dull compared to what we have been getting.
Second,I say boot him !!
Pach Posted - 10/02/2008 : 21:23:19
You bumped the wrong one, Kel! Where's your impressive, long one?
Kellzen Posted - 10/02/2008 : 21:04:33
Well, if we do take this guy, he has to go by "Ris"
Aiden Posted - 10/02/2008 : 20:57:47
You have more issues than National Geographic...
Kelris Posted - 10/02/2008 : 20:10:10
shetl Posted - 09/11/2007 : 16:50:22
Cheap post for me,shetl :) thx kel
Glynia Posted - 08/13/2007 : 15:03:50
I know, I bumped them both...and it's Pach's fault, she started the quiz and I didn't want the new recruit stumped...

...besides you all are posting on it too :P
Qatrina Posted - 08/12/2007 : 16:22:41
Glynia, you forget also that Kel doesn't just limit himself to this thread. Amy made the mistake of putting his original thread in the pharm forum so now he wakes up that one as well. Well, he has taken it yet another step and figured out how to not only reply but make new threads. See the pharm forum now where he makes his pathetic plees to get his original thread moved back. Oh the horror, the horror! Will we never be rid of his inappropriate pharms?
Amy Posted - 08/12/2007 : 15:23:46

Sigh...just when we thought Kel had forgotten about this...hehe Glynia reminds him....
Venus Posted - 08/12/2007 : 12:56:05
Glyn...what have you done!
Qatrina Posted - 08/12/2007 : 12:21:56
No, no, no, no, no!!!!! Don't get him started again!!
Glynia Posted - 08/12/2007 : 11:12:15
and just in case the one in the pharm forum isn't enough help...I'll bump this one too :P
Qatrina Posted - 06/18/2007 : 23:28:50
Unfortunately, although calling Kel holy is practically an oxymoron. :P
Moonwave Posted - 06/18/2007 : 19:58:33
Yes, but is he a Holy Priest?

Qatrina Posted - 06/18/2007 : 15:16:43
Kel will rez anything, he is a priest. :P
Moonwave Posted - 06/18/2007 : 09:47:36
Holy rezzers, Batman!

Kaelm Posted - 06/16/2007 : 06:32:18
bah, it's a spinoff!
Venus Posted - 06/16/2007 : 04:59:22
lol the famous thread..slacker, go fishing for meh!!!!
Glynia Posted - 06/15/2007 : 19:36:12
w00t Kel! see I think once you stopped this all the real drama it's all your fault :P hehe
Qatrina Posted - 06/15/2007 : 15:07:14
I heard Amy searches before tossing you down and removes all candy. She then dangles it through the bars always just out of reach.
Kelris Posted - 06/15/2007 : 14:43:14
NO worries, I'll load up on candy to share with Poco.
Qatrina Posted - 06/15/2007 : 14:30:24
Ahhhh! Where did this come from? Kel is not going to restart this whole intro thread drama again. Bad Kel, now you too are causing drama on the boards. Amy is going to send you down to the basement with Poco if you keep this up.
Kelris Posted - 06/15/2007 : 14:02:11
Pach Posted - 12/18/2006 : 02:56:52
/tickle Kelrin
Qatrina Posted - 12/17/2006 : 20:52:52
Meow. Too tired to post more.
shetl Posted - 12/17/2006 : 06:18:25
Welcome to the guild.Enjoy your stay :)

Just don't trust ... anyone.They are everywhere !

Hope you had a nice halloween,and thanksgiving :)
Venus Posted - 12/17/2006 : 05:52:33
Hi Kel! Welcome to the nutfarm =P
Amy Posted - 12/17/2006 : 05:37:48

I could fix that.. but since it tapered off I figured it could stay but ....

Kelris Posted - 12/17/2006 : 01:02:50
Hey, this is still here. lol
Alie Posted - 10/08/2006 : 00:31:52
I LUB/HEART YOU KEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy Posted - 10/07/2006 : 22:55:35

well if he goes around /lick everyone I imagine he might get more than one stalker...[:lol]
Kelris Posted - 10/07/2006 : 22:27:04
Alie Posted - 10/07/2006 : 21:38:18
Originally posted by Moonwave

Um...since when is a man that licks a bad thing?

Am I missing something?


So Kel that's why you have a stalker, eh?[:-p]
Jayd Posted - 10/07/2006 : 00:36:15
Originally posted by Moonwave

Um...since when is a man that licks a bad thing?

Am I missing something?


Uh Moon, I have never been too crazy about that emote. lol
Moonwave Posted - 10/06/2006 : 21:20:58
Um...since when is a man that licks a bad thing?

Am I missing something?

Jayd Posted - 10/06/2006 : 16:33:40
he licks. I change my mind about sponsoring him.

*bleck*! :-8

I like puppies that kick though.[:-x]
Glynia Posted - 10/06/2006 : 15:21:21
now come on people...we have to treat him like all the rest....dirt, we want dirt....tell us about yourself :)
Gedare Posted - 10/06/2006 : 11:59:36
Kelris Posted - 10/06/2006 : 11:48:12
/lick Gedare
Gedare Posted - 10/06/2006 : 11:43:57
Oh! Oh! Oh! Who's that kid with the Oreo cookie???
Amy Posted - 10/06/2006 : 11:26:09

Sorry recuiting for Bandits Reborn is currently closed to anyone with Kel in the name...


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